Star Wars Battlefront’s Death Star DLC First Impression

Alright, so I’ll give you guys a play-by-play of my experience with the Death Star DLC from beginning to the end of my first session with it. Hopefully that’ll give you an idea if it’s your thing or not, or just stir up some discussion—as I for one had a Season Pass and had already paid for it.

Load up Battlefront and first thing I notice: the menu looks exactly the same. AT-AT, Emperor in the Season Pass ad, Jabba the Hutt in the EA page ad, Hoth for Skirmish, whatever it is for assblow Missions. No Death Star, no Yavin, no different shot of Vader or X-wing pilot Luke. (The Tie Advanced did show up after a couple of returns to the menu screen.)

Not what I expect for the most anticipated DLC. This was supposed to be the big one, the one everyone was waiting for. And the game shows no recognition that anything has changed. It’s like coming home to an empty house.

So immediately alienation. Did it drop? It is a big deal? Is it good? Do DICE and EA care? Does any one care!? Weird.

I wanted to take a dry run with each hero and gun first before trying to bamble through it online and being very disappointed with a 30 sec Chewbacca lifetime as I hit random abilities and CoD twats with mikes gun me down.

And there’s 2 new guns.

Seriously? And ones I don’t even recognize. Which is actually great, but since this is New Hope content and there’s not even Leia’s Sporting Blaster? Well, they’ll probably releasing more gradually like they did with Bespin. And maybe they put more into Star Cards this time around (like Outer Rim).

Wait, seriously!?

Two new star cards.

The DLC of the classic movie that started it all, about the most icon battlestation in sci-fi has two guns and two star cards. Lando hit the jackpot on this one.

That's no moon - That's no DLC That's an update!

At least they recreated the same ominous feeling flawlessly.

I am happy to see the medical droid and I successfully predicted the triangular laser turret, but there’s so much more Death Star / New Hope / unused OT content and the two previous DLC’s got more attentive treatment.

Regardless, I proceed to testing the 2 guns and the heroes. Play as the rebels first and I instantly love the K-16 Bryar Pistol. It’s Han Solo’s blaster for the rest of us.

Frank Costanza - Happy Festivus Here's a charge blaster

The notion of primary and secondary fire—using left trigger aiming as the toggle—is a brilliant new way to add variety to Battlefront‘s arsenal.

I play the whole Skirmish match (on Normal), not realizing till the 2nd AT-AT is dropping that I never even bothered to get a hero pick up. This gun is fun.

The little machine gun TL-50 Heavy Repeater is the same. Its primary fire feels pretty different from the DLT-19. I like it. And the secondary fire is a short-range mini plasma grenade. Not bad. Thanks, Bossk.

Which bring us to the highlight of this Death Star DLC review: Bossk.

Picked up the hero icon right away on Sullust and played the entire rest of the match in heat vision.

I was leery seeing Greedo’s grenade recycled, but it’s really more a combo of Greedo and Dengar’s hit-and-run proxy bomb (guess it’s all a bounty hunter thing).

Granted on Normal mode in Skirmish I also never dropped below 95 health and got 26,000 points. His health regenerates and stringing up kills keeps it going stronger. So it turns out even though Bossk seems disappointing at first, he’s OP and super fun.

And like I remember from the action figure, he carries my beloved Relby.

The DLC is saved.

After this grindfest I decided I had to experience Chewie for the first time in live combat. No more of this Skirmish shit.

I hit up the multiplayer, get rerouted to fly stuff for a round or two and then get to Obi Wan’s tractor beam room which has apparently been moved to the Matrix. It’s fun running through nearly every shot in A New Hope—but something just feels off.

And then I notice.

The graphics suck. It’s way hazier. And I’m not talking about the space dust in the Star Destroyer attack. Everything’s fuzzy. I run up to get a good look at the textures on the wall and feel a little vomit in the back of my throat. This does not look like Battlefront. I’ve always been amazed by and raved about how good this game looks. It’s online 20-v-20 on console and it looks incredible. Old people that don’t play any video games say, Wow that forest looks so detailed!” Even the stormtrooper models look better than their surroundings. It’s awkward.

And then I finally get Chewbacca.

Image result for oh my god meme

The fur, oh my god the fur. I have to tell myself to look away, suspend my disbelief because I want this to be awesome. It’s freaking Chewbacca!

It feels great to have a primary bowcaster. It’s cool. The wookie roar I didn’t know what that was about yet, but that’s OK. And the Titan Smash Wookie Slam is pretty nifty, makes total sense.

But the model. Don’t look at it. It’ll ruin it.

What it seems like to me is that the Death Star DLC content was the original proof of concept for the game, but that they realized they could do a lot better and instead of improving it, they said, We’ll leave that to recycle for DLC content. And of course, they left that DLC for “last” and hyped it up so people would buy Season Passes. Lead with your best foot forward and leave the gimpy, broken one lagging behind where they can’t see.

Image result for give into the hype meme

I don’t regret buying a season pass for Outer Rim, Bespin, Bossk, my new favorite pistol, Chewie’s mechanics—and hopefully Rouge One—but I certainly feel cheated about the quality of this DLC.

TL;DR: Disappointing, but Chewbacca! Why DICE, why? You’ve done so well so far, why fail me now?

Hear’s to hoping Rogue One: Scarif won’t feel like recycled afterthought content.