Star Wars Battlefront Hero Predictions

Here are my predictions for the heroes and locations in the next two DLCs, Death Star and “mysterious Expansion 4”.

Bossk + Obi Wan
Death Star and Yavin IV

Will likely include maps in the Death Star corridor, finally include space battles (with capital ships? cf. Walker Assault), and maybe a map inside the Rebel base on Yavin IV, hopefully including some of the jungles as the Echo Base map has extensive exterior areas.

IG88 + Chewbacca
Kessel and Coruscant? (cf. inclusion of Sullust even though it’s not in the OT, while it’s main species is)

They’re gonna make us wait for Chewbacca, till the bitter end. You know it. Spice mines of Kessel maps and the streets of Coruscant make a lot of sense and are locations famously mentioned in the original trilogy. The Special Edition even shows Coruscant briefly.

Other options for planets:
Kashyyk (though probably too similar to Endor)
Mon Cala
Dantooine (never shown, too remote, so not likely)
Corellia (never mentioned, so even less likely)

Locations in the Original Trilogy, in chronological order:
Death Star
Yavin IV
Asteroid Belt*
(Tatooine again)
Death Star II

That’s right, the Star Wars films, accomplished all that they did with only 7 locations (Tatooine and Death Star repeated, Yavin 4 never shown outside except a shot or two). Now there are hundreds of conceptualized planets.

*Inaccurate as it is, maybe it’s recent debris? It could also be retconned as rings around the gas giant Bespin, which would better explain where the slug came from.


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