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Why Do Gamers Play One Game for Hundreds, Even Thousands of Hours?

This article just gets more crazy as you read. It’s a totally different mindset of what a game is. For these people, monogamers, it becomes just a repeatable task, put this object in this bin, this in that one, a kindergarten shape puzzle. The repeated action of putting that thing—the character, the cursor, that fire spell—right where it belongs, even though you know before it happens exactly where it goes, becomes an onramp to a state of flow for these people. I personally don’t care about just seeing something on screen, like this character with bad original defense actually getting to a high defense, or about putting things in the right place even though I already know where that is (OK well, maybe I do a little). I go to a game for a challenge, something novel to figure out. Even if I’m confident my strategy will work, it should be in a fresh situation that I’ve adapted to—not the same one I’ve played over and over again. But that diversity is good. These monogamers really get a lot out of their play style, so more power to them! Any of them would make one hell of a playtester, that’s for sure.

Can you tell by all my examples that I’m working on an RPG?


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