Re: The Verge | China says it will lift ban on video game consoles

This is huge. This should be in the top stories for every gaming new outlet because it’s going to have such a big impact on the global game industry. China— a country of 1.2 billion people—just opened their game market. 1.2 billion potential new customers. That’s the biggest news in any business! The game industry better get on it. Publishers should be jumping up and down and having parties and scheduling Mandarin classes! I had no idea China didn’t allow consoles until now. So only PC games have been making it over there en masse. Incredible. China is going to be such a huge market and partner in the game industry. Console developers now need to reach out and grab Mandarin speakers (because you don’t have to search for them) to translate their games. So console games have never been in Chinese? That boggles my mind. I’m excited to see this language being opened to video games and I hope it mean more developers will crop up in China and put dragon intensity into the industry. Who knows, maybe they’ll be able to do what the Japanese did for video games in their own way? I say that every nation that is added to the industry has the potential to bring new big ideas and will at least contribute fresh flavors. And an economic and demographic powerhouse like China is bound to shake the industry. 加油!


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