To Make a Name for Yourself

I want to see a world where players can make a name for themselves. I was thinking: How could Destiny be more personal, more human than Halo? Then it hit me. Names. Although everyone would have their gamertag, which would be the usual combination of any letters and numbers, Destiny could have world names in addition to that. (Constrained somewhat to be pronounceable.) Then you could more easily store meaning in those names and they could pass between players more fluidly, as opposed to a potentially cryptic gamertag. The emergent stories you create could spread through the world on your name. Your accomplishments would be branded. Not only would this allow other players to know and relate to successful players they may never meet, it would imbue the world with intangible value for the player. Individual or small group stories could be easily repeated beyond their original occurrence and become cultural knowledge. “So-and-so is so awesome ’cause they….” “Do you remember when so-and-so did x?” The first player to manage to get into an area everyone couldn’t previously access would be remembered as a pioneer. The cultural knowledge will continue to travel and grow, names will become great, and stories will become folklore.


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