Dreams of Worlds with Consequence (and hexagons)

I’ve created worlds for almost as long as I can remember. From when I first got a Super Nintendo and reflexively began drawing my own levels to when I discovered RPG Maker and writing, I have always been driven to create. Ever since I picked up the tools of world creation, I have had a story in my head, a world that I can’t stop working on. In writing, I want to create stories that dig deep, stories that stir readers. I believe in a world where readers and gamers alike don’t have to ever experience a world that is disappointing. From the simple to the profound, enjoyment and awesomeness in a game never has to be absent. In seeing the way games can effect people and the way the mind can even grow through such a simulation, I see a wide and bright future for games and that games will change people more than any other medium.


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